Hi silly, have you forgotten?

How incredible you are?

How to love fully?

Great that you are brave enough to ask for support.

To come back a life full of bliss, with caring tailored guidance.

In our coaching sessions, I will take you on a journey of fulfillment .

So you can come back to that space of love for yourself, flow, openness, connection and full attraction with yourself or a partner.

Every session is different and totally built around what YOU need most to feel centered, empowered and present again.
Regular set up:
– Welcome & drop in
– Alignment on present
– Guided closing meditation for integration
In between, techniqes can include down to earth psychology, cognitive restructuring, energetic & Tantric techniques , breathwork, dearmouring and vocalisation.

– Sessions are fully clothed.
– I work with life force and sexual energy, yet there is no genital touch or sexual stimulation
– Sessions can be held on location in Haarlem & Amsterdam or at your place

Ready to invest in the most important relationship in your life?

” The only one I really have to face is…. myself ”


FREE Intake Assesment 
We will establish a connection to see if there is a base for opening, support and follow-up through coaching or one of the retreats

  • 20 minutes 
  • ZOOM Online meeting 
  • Individual & couples
  • Mandatory before booking a coaching session. Can be skipped if you have participated in my retreats 
  • FREE of change

Coaching and Body Work 
Tantric techniques, modern-day psychology and intuitive healing will help you to align, feel open, alive and clear

  • 1,5 – 2 hours
  • Individual & couples
  • Totally tailored
  • Breath/ body / energy/ cognitive practices 
  • 195 euro (incl VAT)

Tantric Couples Love Boost 
Proven methods for heart opening, intimacy enhancement and sacred sexuality, will guide you and your partner into an experience to remember

  • 1,5 – 2 hours 
  • Couples of any form 
  • Totally tailored 
  • Breath / body / energy / cognitive practices 
  • 225 euro (incl VAT) 

“You are already perfect as you are.
Loving. Clear. Orgasmic. In flow.
All wisdom is inside of you.
Yet, in case your silly mind has failed to remember,
I am here to guide you and your entire being
into a deeper rememberance”



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I am utter amazed and grateful.
With her incredible super sensitivity, authenticity, love and true intentions to help, she manages to reach deep inside me expelling unhelpful painbodies dwelling there.
– Mike

“You are a magical being, an alchemist and a bad ass coach, clear, direct and so much more…
You work on multiple layers, can offer and immense  amount of tools…
You see me, and welcome me with and beyond my stories…
I don’t have the feeling that you desire anything from me, and at the same time I feel willingness to coach me and support me in my process.
You empower me, support transformation, emotional processing, deep healing and grounding…
You invite me to be myself, to sink into my body, to feel my truth, to take my space and follow my pleasure?”

– M.S.