Private Couple Workshop

Are you curious about TANTRA,
yet you prefer a more private setting over a workshop?

Curious how you can take the next step in boosting your love life, sexuality and level of conscious relating?

Ready to move any stagnated energy between you and your partne

Looking for the perfect, romantic, intimate present for you and your beloved?

In a Private Couple Workshop Kabira takes you on a tailored journey into the art of rising in love, shared meditations and sublimating sexual energy.
Exercises are based on authentic relating, breathwork, movement and ancient Tantric practices, rooted in some Dutch groundedness. Inviting you to embrace a big YES to life and potential to feel love and pleasure (YAM!)


A celebration of authentic and embodied Love

We open ourselves up to presence, attention and care to explore the wildness and spaciousness of love.
How to increase gratitude and appreciation for what’s right in front of me? Exercises can include:

  • Creating a Sacred Space
  • Intimacy enhancement practices
  • Tantric Touch essentials
  • Chakra breathing
  • Balancing massage


A deep dive into Tantric Sexuality and vitality

The focus is on building sexual energy and moving it through the body. How to build up, raise and share sexual energy endlessly? You will explore deep juice essentials.
Exercises can include:

  • Fears & fantasy practices
  • Orgasmic Streaming
  • Andulating practices for sublimation
  • Shiva & Shakti Essence
  • Shiva Shakti Meditation


A devoted approach to more consciousness in your relationship

The focus is on sharing ecstasy, bliss, silence and opening along Tantric lines of thought.
How to move into bliss in a partnership? A deeper state of awakening, meditation and ease?
Exercises can include:

  • Chakra Tantric Essence
  • Tantric Healing
  • Transfiguration
  • Latihan
  • Mahamudra
  • Heart desires
  • Sex Magic ritual

“Bedankt om zo een liefdevolle omgeving te creeeren. Jouw Tantra workshops geven ons veel verdieping en versterking in onze relatie

— Rinkse & David, Curious Couples Love, Sex & Awakening


You might:
– Learn how to fall in love with EVERYTHING
– Increase the amount of love, joy, OPENNESS and connection you feel in all your relationships
– Feel bliss and ECSTASY in your body
– Learn that men and women can be fully ORGASMIC with clothes on without being touched (do try this at the office)
– Bring about some radical life transformations along the way

The Private Couple Workshops are totally tailored to your needs and level of experience. They are suitable for couples of all genders, sexual preferences and constellations. With or without experience in meditation or Tantra.