Private Couple Series

Ready to connect in a different way to your beloved?

Are you curious about exploring TANTRA in a more private setting?

Looking for the perfect, romantic, intimacy booster (or gift) for you and your partner?

Ready to unlock the orgasmic potential of shared juicy meditation?

“Deepening connection,
openness, vulnerability & love.
Very enriching.” – Olly

In this Tantric Essentials Private Couple Series, Kabira takes you on a journey into the art of rising in love, shared meditations and sublimating sexual energy.

For 995eur (incl VAT), the series involves
– 3 private couple sessions of 2 hours with Kabira
– Tailored homework practices in between the sessions.

Session 1: LOVE

A celebration of authentic and embodied Love

We open ourselves up to presence, attention and care to explore the spaciousness of the heart.
How to increase gratitude and appreciation for what’s right in front of me? Exercises can include:

  • Creating a Sacred Space
  • Eyegazing ceremony
  • Wheel of Consent
  • Orgasmic Yes-flow
  • Tantric Touch practices
  • Breathwork to open the heart
  • Intimacy enhancement practices

Session 2: SEXUALITY

A deep dive into Tantric Sexuality and vitality

The focus is on building sexual energy and moving it through the body. How to build up, raise and share sexual energy endlessly? You will explore some juicy Tantric essentials.
Exercises can include:

  • Fears & fantasy practices
  • Building sexual energy practices
  • Breath practices for full body flow
  • Sublimation breathwork
  • Andulating practices
  • Shiva Shakti Intimacy Meditation

Session 3: AWAKENING

A devoted approach to more consciousness in your relationship

The focus is on sharing ecstasy, bliss, silence and opening along ancient Tantric practices.
How to move beyond stories, into sustainable bliss? A deeper state of awakening, meditation and ease?
Exercises can include:

  • Classical Tantric Mudras
  • Tantric Healing
  • Shiva Shakti Looping
  • Latihan
  • Infinite sexual flow
  • Sex Magic ritual

Exercises are based on authentic relating, breathwork, movement and ancient Tantric practices, rooted in some Dutch groundedness. Inviting you to embrace a big YES to life and potential to feel love and pleasure.

The full series price is 995eur, price per single session is 345eur.

“Thank you for creating such a loving environment.
Your Tantra workshops give us a lot of depth and reinforcement in our relationship”

— Rinkse & David

– Feel more connected to your partner
– Explore rising in love again
– Learn ancient Tantric wisdom and practical tools for connection and intimacy
– Explore your potential for full body ecstacy
– Have a better understanding of how to please yourself and your partner
– Increase the amount of love, joy, and opennes together

The Private Couple Workshops are adjusted to your level of consciousness. They are suitable for couples of all genders, sexual preferences and constellations. Practices are performed with clothes on, unless explicitely otherwise requested. Experience in meditation, Tantra, breathwork or Yoga comes in handy, but is not a prerequisite.

“I feel more balance between my head and my physical sensations, my breathing and my suddenly much more visible energy; much more connection and at the same time more inner peace and space. Thank you” – Gijs