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CORE TRAINING – Transform. Grow. Evolve.

April 5 @ 17:30 - April 9 @ 18:00

Transform. Grow. Evolve.

Tired of playing small?

Do you want to create more effortlessness and ease for yourself?

To know what you really want?

To clear out garbage of emotional stagnation, limiting beliefs and stories?

Ready for an actual change?

On this 5-day journey you will travel through the depths of your being.

Real. Raw. Radical.

Coming home to your CORE.

This training is open to any-body (age 18 – 75).

For the training, the following mindset will support you:
– Desire for transformation, and an actual change in your life
– Desire to free yourself from unprocessed and stagnating (numb, avoidance) emotions, and create a healthier relationship to them
– Desire for deeper understanding of your protection mechanisms, and deep-rooted techniques for self-sabotage
– Desire for investigating limiting beliefs and thoughts that shape your current reality
– Readiness to face your fears and vulnerabilities
– Desire for hands-on daily tools, and community support
– Desire to know what you actually want
– Curiosity to explore what it means to be you
– Curiosity to feel more alive, clear and awake
– Readiness for more clarity, creativity and ease

The training has almost 200 graduates, and has taken place across 5 countries on 3 continents.

To be clear: yes, this is a life-changing self-help-training. No, you do not need this to be happy and there are no marketing tricks to lur you in.
No spiritual quotes, simply check if you want to join.

Not clear if this is for you?
Contact us!

The traiing is a a full-day, intense experience.
The practices are non-dogmatic, experience-based, transformational and clear. Techniques are rooted in Psychology, Tantra, Active Meditations, Osho, Dialogical Leadership Coaching and NLP.

Day 01: The Foundation
– Agreements of the Field
– Entering Effortless Meditation

Day 02: Childhood Deconditioning
– Emotional Release Tools
– Parents Meditation
– Reclaiming Space
– Inner Child Meditation

Day 03: Burn It
– Active Meditation
– What do you Want Meditation
– Belief & Judgement Ritual

Day 04: Freedom or Fear?
– Circle of Fears
– Power Initiation

Day 05: Here, I Begin
– Authentic Expression
– Way Forward
– Closing

Finca Vrij. Kapelleweg 29a. Scharendijke

5- 9 April 2023
ARRIVAL: Wednesday afternoon, 16h – 17h
CLOSING: Sunday around 19h, dinner not included.
Exact closing time depends on the group process.

With a max 15 students per training, the CORE Retreat is a personal, journey with group support. The training ticket includes:

– Accommodation ticket for 4 nights (shared rooms)
– Enrollment in the 5-day CORE Training from 8 – 22h on full days
– Daily vegetarian, (mostly) organic meals by Sanne & Karlijn
– Tea & healthy snacks
– Personal CORE workbook
– Homework practices
– Free coaching sessions with a personal mentor
– Access to the CORE community, and yearly come-back- events

Access only with a Training Ticket + Accommodation Ticket.

– Recommendation: no phones allowed during the training
– Recommendation: scheduling time and space off after the training for further integration
– Payment plans, and payment in installments possible (within 6 months)
– You will receive an intake form upon registration for dietary and other specifications
– Questions or remarks: karlijnkabira@gmail.com


Karlijn holds a MSc in Psychology, is a certified Tantra and Hatha Yoga Teacher, and has a background in leadership development, movement and personal change. She is the founder of KABIRA, facilitating trainings, coaching and ceremonies across the globe. Her passion is integrating mind, body and soul and she is passionate about supporting others to live and aligned, bold, clear, purposeful life. Others describe her and her work as sensitive, down-to-earth, full of humour, liberating, opening, wise, and with a sharp eye for expansion.

Graduated in the CORE Retreat in 2017. Grew up in a spiritual community, gained experience as a business professional in sales, training and coaching. He calls himself a space holder, coach, father of 3 girls, with integrated qualities such as loving, strong, sincere and fun.
“Participating in the CORE retreat was a huge breakthrough in unraveling myself.”

“Oooh my god, universe, me, my inner child and my higher self and you:
The ‘Free your Mind'(CORE) workshop was undescribeable and amazingly opening.. puh, opened everything.. THAAAANK YOU SO ENDLESSLY VERY MUCH – Endless Gratefullnes and GREATfullness in abundance is dancing in me..!!” – Utsav Vio

“I feel a deep connection with myself.
It’s meeting with Peacefulness, Silence, and at the same time Excitement and Enthusiasm from every little experience of my life.” – Ananda Amit Goldenberg

“This workshop was the key to a hidden door, giving me faith in people and in life.
I could let go of my obsession for love.” – Noam Cohen Raz

“I have not experienced anything else that pierces through as rapidly and thoroughly as these practices.
This journey liberated me from being an office, fearful workaholic, and invited me to be a full time trainer and enjoyer of life. This retreat laid the foundation for all my Tantric experiences.
As if I, after years of meditational practices, stagnation and professional support, could finally hear, sense, taste and feel Life in its totality again.
I understood something profoundly about who I am in my deepest core, and this is what I wish upon my dearest friends and family.” – KABIRA (facilitator)



April 5 @ 17:30
April 9 @ 18:00


Finca Vrij
Kapelleweg 29
Scharendijke, Netherlands
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