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VIVID. Death. Ritual. Life

16th December 2023 @ 09:30 - 17th December 2023 @ 18:00

Death. Ritual. Life.

An exploration of the essence of being alive.

Are you ready to discover what it means to fully live? 

Curious how you can embrace death even more? 

Ready to embrace the mystery of life unfolding? 

In this retreat we will explore the deeper layers of being alive by exploring death, not just as a concept but as a lived experience. 


Death is an inevitble part of our existence. We will cover topics such as termination of the body, the final moments, ritual and conscious body re-entering. Practices are based on Psychology, Shamanism, Tantric ritual, medical science, breathwork and bodywork. 

This retreat is not about mentally understanding death or your diseased ones, but is a nudge through death and ritual to actually embodying this living experience to its fullest.

Memento Mori, remember you must die.

The retreat is tailored to the group and your personal intention. You will likely increase your:
⤷ Openness to life, sensations and your full range of experiences

⤷ Consciousness on what it means to be alive
⤷ Ability to deal with death, not just as a concept, also as an integral experience of human existece
⤷ Coping with fear of dying
⤷ Clarity about what you want
⤷ Entry to a support structure, to live more empowered in daily life



De Ruimte – Centrum Voor Bewustzijnsontwikkeling
Weesperzijde 79a – 1091 EJ Amsterdam

Saturday December 16th | 09:30h – 22:00h
Sunday December 17th | 09:30h – 18:00h

(Overnight stay is not included. Closing time is an estimation and depends on the group process)


The training is facilitated by Karlijn Kouwenhoven and her team.

For details about Karlijn check www.withkabira.com/about.

Mentors are experts from within the field with years of experience. This training is mentored by Anna and assisted by Kintsugi.

Anna is a healthcare chaplain and spiritual counsellor at a hospital and hospice in Leiden and specialised in Palliative Care.

Nikki is a modern medicine woman & spiritual mentor. A Future Ancestor, who builds bridges between old wisdom and new truth.
Her academic roots lie in Art Therapy, but heart and soul feels at home in the magical world of shamanism, tantra & ceremonial work. “I have the ability to see clearly, even in the darkest places. And to navigate you through this.”


– Lunch is included for both days. Dinner on Saturday is not included. You could bring your own for a potluck dinner or use the 1.5hour break to grab food closeby (plenty of restaurants and supermarkets around). 

– We encourage you to make yourself available for the duration of the journey, without phone or other disturbances during the day.

– In the night from Saturday to Sunday you will still be in a deep process related to the retreat. We encourage you to schedule as little as possible that night.

– Schedule some space after the retreat for integration, writing, expressing or integration time in nature.

– It is possible to bring your friend or partner to the retreat. The retreat does not include sensual or any (sexual) practices to be done with a specific partner.




Upon request, payment plans available. For inquiry and application details, please contact our event organiser:
Kintsugi (Brigid) 0031-641782397, info@withkabira.com


“The death meditation was mindblowing. Never experienced all aspects of life (and death) so intens. Felt the urgency of death around the corner for the first time in my life.” – Bram

” The lovely guidance of Kabira with her beautiful trustworthy voice made this experience of life, birth and death, life changing. A deep loss was brought up, showing that life and death were the same and I didn’t want to be reborn again.”

“This is a serious workshop that is humbling, confronting, and can be very transformational. It made me see how I act in society at large, assured me of the past and left me looking forward to my future.” – O.

“My experience was very powerful and very confrontational. This has been one of the most impressive workshops I have been able to participate in.

“…What Karlijn does is interspersed with humour, with self-reflection…. with possibilities, to make it as intense as you want/or can… without getting off track. Just as deep as you can take. Simple and super complicated. Airy and intense. Playful and fucking serious. Guided by who she is and what she stands for. (Life is a strange thing, beautiful isn’t it)” – Hedy

“…a very strong workshop in which I was confronted with my fear of living out of the fear of dying (unconsciously). To realize that every day can, and should be lived, allowing playing in life again.”




16th December 2023 @ 09:30
17th December 2023 @ 18:00
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De Ruimte – Centrum voor bewustzijnsontwikkeling
Weesperzijde 79a
Amsterdam, 1091 EJ Netherlands
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