Shaktipat Ceremony with Kirtan by Dieke & Blanca

Rosentock-Huessyhuis Hagestraat 10, Haarlem

▽ SHAKTIPAT ▽ Curious about (traditional) Tantra? The power of mystical ceremonies? Revitalizing your own energy body? Around the full moon we enter an ancient, Tantric meditation: Shaktipat. The ceremony can be a mystical journey with insights, release and an expanded energetical state. We combine this meditative ritual with a live concert or sound experience.

CORE TRAINING – Transform. Grow. Evolve.

Finca Vrij Kapelleweg 29, Scharendijke

CORE TRAINING Transform. Grow. Evolve. --- Tired of playing small? Do you want to create more effortlessness and ease for yourself? To know what you really want? To clear out garbage of emotional stagnation, limiting beliefs and stories? Ready for an actual change? On this 5-day journey you will travel through the depths of your

HEARTCORE. Love. Intimacy & Relationships

New Eden Sparjeburd 2, Hemerik

HEARTCORE  An Intimate, Soft & Tender Journey You're softly welcomed back home Into the intimacy of your heart. Expanded. Open. Receptive. Sotthingly calm. Resting in the seat of knowing That all is perfect, exactly as it is   Come and experience love, not as a concept, but as a memory of yourself.   What are