CORE Training

Finca Vrij Kapelleweg 29, Scharendijke, Netherlands

Evolve. Grow. Transform. Fed up with playing small? Want to know who you are? And what you actually want? Excited to wash off layers of stuck emotions, limiting beliefs and stories? Are you… ready to go back to your CORE? In this 5 day journey you will travel through the depths of your being, unleashing

SOLID Retreat

Body. Touch. Flesh A new paradigm of relating to the deeper structures of our physical shell. Want to feel more grounded and comfortable in your own skin? Would you like a weekend of nourishment, touch and softening? Welcoming more love for your flesh into your life? This weekend retreat is a repairing of the connection


De Ruimte - Centrum voor bewustzijnsontwikkeling Weesperzijde 79a, Amsterdam, Netherlands

Death. Presence. Life. An exploration of the essence of being alive. Are you ready to discover what it means to fully live?  Curious how you can embrace death event more?  Ready to embrace the mystery of life unfolding?  In this retreat we will explore the deeper layers of being alive by exploring death, not just

BLISS Retreat

BLISS Sex. Meditation & Spirit. Ready to use pleasure as a means to higher states of consciousness? Welcoming your full orgasmic potential? Up to face your shadows?   In this 5day journey we will travel through the shadows of your being, welcoming ease, ecstacy and bliss as your birthright. Through Tantric practices, ancient meditation techniques,