Mindf*ck @ Mastering your Mind

Mindf*ck @ Mastering your Mind Kabira facilitates MINDF*CK - Tantric Sexuality at the Mastering your Mind programme of Innerworkspace. The workshop will be held in Dutch. Je bent helemaal klaar met piekeren & onrust jezelf niet goed genoeg vinden negatieve gedachten Want je wilt veel liever ✔ rust in je hoofd ✔ voélen hoe het

Kali Meditation

The Roots Movement A. Hofmanstraat 1a, Haarlem

▽ Kali Meditation ▽ Move your emotions Merge into love An active morning meditation to move your physical and emotional body Are you struggling in these times of change? Stuck in patterns, chaos, or emotional turmoil? Are you ready to move your shadows and come back to yourself again? Straight from the ashrams of India,

Shaktipat Ritual

Studio Wilhelminapark Wilhelminapark 28, Haarlem

▽ Shaktipat ▽ Kundalini Full Moon Ritual We welcome you to our mystical space: a Tantric Ritual called Shaktipat. It's an ancient Indian Kundalini activation ceremony. The event includes: ▽ Q&A on Shaktipat & Kundalini ▽ Live Sound Journey by Petrus Shango Nagal ▽ Indian Ceremony ▽ Kundalini Meditation Expect an intimate gathering, with a

Taste of Tantra – Heart Puja

Yogaschool Noord NDSM Plotterstraat 24, Amsterdam

▽ TASTE OF TANTRA ▽ Intro Workshop Diep in je eigen hart Wat is Tantra? Hoe is tantra gerelateerd aan seksualiteit? Aan yoga? En op welke manier kan dit pad helpen mijn leven te verrijken? Een ‘taste of tantra’ is een oproep aan degenen die graag meer over dit onderwerp willen weten. Tantra wordt veelal

Shaktipat Ritual

Studio Wilhelminapark Wilhelminapark 28, Haarlem

▽ SHAKTIPAT ▽ Kundalini Full Moon Ceremony We welcome you into a mystical journey of Kundalini, expansion and Tantra. A sacred, ancient ceremony called Shaktipat. Are you ready to receive what your soul is yearning for? Curious to experience what ancient, Tantric ceremonies can do for you? Feeling a pull, that there might be something

Fluitenkruid – One Day Retreat

Space to Be Oude Haagseweg 58, Amsterdam

KABIRA WILL FACILITATE A TRAINING This event is hosted & organized by Space to Be --- Organisatie Retreat: Space to Be OVER HET FESTIVAL & SPACE TO BE De maan en de seizoenen brengen ons ritme en beweging. Nu is het bijna lente en is de tijd daar om te ontpoppen. Op 23 april 2022

Tantra Festival Amsterdam

Odessa Muiderpoort Ter Gouwstraat 3

KABIRA WILL FACILITATE A TRAINING This event is hosted & organized by Tantric Dance Amsterdam --- MAGIC * TRANSFORMATION * LOVE Imagine...a beautiful gathering with likeminded people...gathering to remember who they are. Meeting each other from a place of love and authenticity. Meeting to awaken their lifeforce and connect from heart to heart. After many

Intimacy Festival Amsterdam

KABIRA WILL FACILITATE A TRAINING This event is hosted & organized by Exploring Deeper --- If anything, the last years have made it very clear how important human connections are. A smile, a hug, a wonderful conversation, maybe a kiss or a long, slow massage. That’s what intimacy is for us: real, authentic, interactions from

Taster Workshop CORE Retreat

Studio Wilhelminapark Wilhelminapark 28, Haarlem

Taster Workshop - CORE RETREAT - A Free your Mind Journey- Ready for a deep change in your life? Curious about the CORE Retreat, yet you would like to experience staff and meditations first? Or simply up for a deeply joyful evening of transformational self development? From the 20th - 24th of July we are