Tantra is an ancient Indian practice of reaching embodied enlightenment in our day-today lives. This means that is totally inclusive. Including all forms of consciousness/ silence / presence and at the same time the richness of life / energy / movement.
Saying yes to everything we meet inside and outside of ourselves. Yes to every emotion, every sensation, every thought, every desire and every vibration.
Meditations can have many different shapes and forms (we actually believe everything is a meditation) and often include visualization, ritual, breath, movement and sound.
We acknowledge that connections, interactions and consciousness can support us to be totally present—the only place where love exists.

The events are open to everyone. For people of all genders, cultural backgrounds, ages, sexual orientation (incl. LGBTQIA ), preferences, types of relationships, with or without experiences in Tantra and singles or couples.

The age ranges from 16–70 years old with most people between 20 and 55.
I have led retreats on 3 different continents, to all kinds of cultures. Your shame, curiosity and resistance is all very welcome.

The occupations of the people differ, from mathematics PhD professionals, to dance teachers, CEOs, IT professionals and students. We design the meditations in a way that allows everyone to participate fully. The events attract a wide range of people and that is what we love about it!

In my events you really do not have to do anything. Everything is optional and you will have plenty of choices on how to participate or not to participate in any given part. We also place a lot of emphasis on recognizing, honouring and expressing our personal boundaries.

If there is nudity in the event, this is explicitly indicated in the event description. This is done to practice love and acceptance of ourselves completely. Releasing shame, guilt and fear about our beautiful body.
Nudity is never required to receive the full benefit of the event.

Oh yes, we love working with sexual ‘energy’, sometimes called Kundalini or life force energy. We build, raise and share this kind of energy within ourselves and with our outer world.
However, there is no explicit sexual activity, such as intercourse or oral/genital contact. Sometimes not even physical touch. Therefore, our interpretation of sexuality is very different from how most of us in the Western world know it. Leaving you in a state of bliss, love and flow easily. Curious? Come check it out for yourself!  

No, most of the events are created in such a way that they are completely safe, and equally valuable everyone. We always start with connecting to ourselves before connecting to others and almost all meditations can also be done individually.

At every event there are assistants that are there, especially to work with you if your are single or would like to rotate partners. We encourage you throughout every event to see the beauty in everyone and everything.

If you join as a (fixed) couple, it is possible to work together exclusively.

Also, I believe that if only one person out of the couple joins an event, already big transformations can be seen in the relationship.

This is usually indicated in the event. Mostly, wear something in which you can sit, move, dance and lie down freely.
Through the breathwork and energy moving most people can get very hot. If you sweat easily, bring an extra shirt.
Take into consideration that you will share intimacy with yourself and possibly with others, being mindful of smoking and bringing a tooth brush can be comfortable for both you and your partner(s).
Sometimes it is explicitly indicated to bring an extra cushion, water bottle, notebook, sarong or oil.

Yes, when there is one or more English speaking participant, the event will be in English.
If you are not comfortable expressing yourself in, or listening to English, we will translate for you.

Most evening events have a scholarship price especially for students and for those with a low income.

For the retreats there is sometimes as scholarship option which means you can pay in instalments, or receive a discount in return for specific work (e.g. Helper Tickets).

Also check out the Early Bird prices, when an event has just been published on the website or social media.

I would like all events to be accessible to everyone.
We have seen that our events can have a big impact on people’s lives and that they are convinced about the great value they receive.
Are you sure there is no way you can save, borrow or invest money for your personal growth?

Check my Podcast on Spotify (Rustburo, Aflevering 7), it is in Dutch and will give you an insight in my personal journey, perspective on Tantra and why I think it is the most beautiful thing there is.  

Great, you have fallen in love with the Tantric practices.
To check in: do you really think teaching is your best place to be? Or is it the deep dive in the practices that would like to experience more.
Realize that both experiences are very, very different.

Also, I believe Tantra cannot be learned through study or a book alone. It is something to be lived, practiced and maintained. So, if you are still enthusiastic, ready to flip your life upside down and to devote yourself to a confronting path of truth, love and freedom….contact me directly and I will share some of my favourite teachers and schools with you.

I don’t know either. Hook me up!
Find a group of people, a sweet venue and I am happy to come and share magic with you in evening or weekend events.