Privacy Statement

1. Personal or other information submitted to Kabira will be treated as confidential. This information will not be shared with any third party without prior consent from the client. The only exception to this is by operation of law. Details are provided herewith.

2. The person responsible for collecting your personal data is Karlijn Kabira: Karlijn@withkabira.com

3. By using the services, the client provides Kabira with personal data to enable providing the chosen services. Information may be gathered through a personal conversation, the website, email, private messaging on Social Media or other ways. It may be that data is received through a third party when this is part of the coaching trajectory of the client

4.  Kabira collects these categories of personal data:

  • Contact details such as address, email, phone number, emergency details
  • Client’s information such as name, date of birth, gender, allergies, medication, trauma history (all if relevant to the services provided and in consent with the client)
  • Photographs and video (if pre-arranged, announced and taken with explicit consent of the client)
  • Content of communication
  • Minutes of sessions

5. Kabira makes use of personal data for purposes such as:

  • Maintaining and supporting communication and contact;
  • Offering a personal coaching trajectory;
  • Offering workshops;
  • Good and efficient provision of services;
  • Maintaining database of clients;
  • Performing administrative tasks, like planning;
  • Improving services;
  • Administration and invoicing;
  • Charging money and taking recovery measures;
  • Marketing;
  • Fulfilling obligations by law;
  • Disputes.

6. To improve services, the client data may be shared with third parties. E.g. third parties for delivering and improving aforementioned services, like accountant, IT-companies, administrator, email client, ticketing service or others involved in providing the services. Third parties can only use client data for intended services. The client’s personal data could also be shared in case of lawful request or dispute. Kabira will not share client’s data for commercial purposes or charities.

7. Client data can be collected by third parties outside the EER when media like Google Analytics, LinkedIn, Facebook or other Social Media are used in contacting the client. These parties are “EER-US Privacy Shield” certified, meaning that they will also keep to GDPR legislation.

8. Kabira will keep client data only as long as necessary for the purposes mentioned in this privacy statement. By exception, data will be stored longer because of legislation such as fiscal legislation. As Kabira is registered in The Netherlands, Dutch legislation is leading.

9. The client has the right to request an inspection of personal data. After receiving the request, the client will receive an overview of personal data within 1 month. In case of incorrectness, the client can request an adjustment or removal of personal data. The client may also request to not share personal data with any third parties, or raise objection against processing personal data for personal reasons. Questions about this privacy statement or requests are welcome at info@withkabira.com.

In case of a complaint against the processing of personal data, the client will inform Kabira. In case both parties do not reach an agreement, the client may contact or issue a complaint to the Dutch privacy supervisor, the Autoriteit Persoonsgegevens. Link provided: contact the Autoriteit Persoonsgegevens here.