Orgasmic Living Series

Tantra opens a magical world, that:
– Turns an ordinary life into an amazing one
– Works with truly experiencing bliss in the body as a gateway to love and go beyond duality
– Isn’t afraid of sexuality
– …or anything actually
not even your weirdest mind boggles or unrealistic wettest dreams

Sounds worth exploring…right? 🙂

In the Orgasmic Living series we will experience some of the most powerful Tantric techniques.

Welcoming you into a safe space to explore your potential and replace fear and shame with expansion and liberation.

Meditations include individual, couple and group work (open to singles and couples) and always include a combination of breath, sound and movement.

We work with core Tantric themes, such as
▽ ‘acceptance with gratitude (of myself and others)
▽ ‘relaxation into the present moment’ (nowhere to run, nothing to achieve)
▽ ‘honesty’ (love is a byproduct of the truth),
▽ ‘surrendering’ (relax, nothing is under control) and
▽ ‘sublimation’ (doing the dishes can be ecstatic)!

The workshop is suitable for singles, couples, all genders, sexual preferences and likings, multi orgasmic beings and for people that are completely new to all of this.

I: Awakening in the chakras 

II: Boosting the juice

III: Shared potential