The word Kabira find its roots in Arabic, meaning ‘The Vast One’ or ‘The Big One’.

This is the essence of all the work offered through Kabira:

To empower you to step back into your greatness. Your vastness.

Being your authentic self, and maximized potential.

““I love the way you talk. You have so much wisdom, deliberateness and compassion in your words.””

– Participant after Tantra Temple workshop, Melbourne Australia, 2018

“Thank you for being such a divine facilitator, Karlijn, and for sharing your grace, patience, love, light and humor!!! I am incredibly grateful for your exquisite vibration and the sacred, safe healing space you created.”

– Chris (NY, US) after Odessa City Tantra Retreat, 2018

Hey dear!

Just a little about me 🙂

My name is Karlijn Kabira. I am a life explorer, international facilitator, coach and trainer, Tantrika with a funky interest in awareness, change, development and human self realization.

I hold a MSc in Social & Organisational Psychology and I am a certified Tantra & Hatha Yoga Teacher. After university and travels, I started off my career in Leadership Development & Change Management at the world’s largest consulting firm. After many international projects at big corporates and governmental institutions, my bare feet took me on another trip around the world.

As a participant in the CORE Retreat, I fell in love with tangible, transformational, developmental work, Tantra and meditation. I quit my job and started to facilitate transformational retreats across 3 continents, as a lead facilitator at Magic of Love Global.

Currently, as the founder of KABIRA, I facilitate self development retreats, monthly group trainings, and private sessions. I coach couples and individuals in their journey to more love, acceptance, clarity and (self) connection.

My approach is integrative and total. I have a big ‘bullshit radar’ and a sharp eye for opportunities to expand. Integrating the mind, body and soul in a joyful play of breath, movement, honesty, energy and awareness.

Others describe my approach as powerful, sensitive, down-to-earth, intuitive, wise, highly transformational, joyful, and opening. 

In my free time you can find me out in the forest, the beach, on dancefloors (salsa, ecstatic & contact improvisation), in the CrossFit box lifting weights, playing piano, studying hindi, or traveling and exploring cultures.

 “To me you’re so powerful and strong and at the same time soft tender and childish. Thank you for being such an inspiration and this wonderful mirror to me. “

– Participant after Free your Soul, Portugal 2016


“There were so many times when I felt your dedication strength, compassion, empathetic and fully presence with all your grace, intelligence wisdom, beauty, and awareness to the healing process. I am deeply touched.
I love you honesty and openness, your critical mind, your intuition, that is so powerful, your female power and feminist approach to behaviour, sprinkled with a humorous and conscious approach.”

– Participant (DE) after HEART Retreat, Berlin 2018