Hi you,

Have you forgotten… how easy life can be?

How to come out of stuckness or stagnated energy?

Or how to love, and enjoy yourself deeply?

Let me support you in coming back to yourself.

In an individual private session, I will take you on a journey through the layers of yourself. We work on the physical, mental, emotional and energetical body.
This is where we can make an impact beyond regular mental health care. Coming back to full alignment, embodied insights and effortless clarity in your day-to-day experiences.

I work subtly and gently, yet with clear guidance and life transforming results.



– Free personal assessment call (online)*
– Two hour face-to-face session (online or offline)
– Hands on tools and theoretical framework
– Tailored homework practices
– Personal follow-up with Karlijn*
– Premium notifications of retreats
– Access to monthly community calls

*Applies to first session only


A single private session is a good option to start with. If you want more, these are the packages.

Sexual Vitality Booster 

Removing all obstacles (limiting beliefs, orgasmic dysfunction etc.) to feeling sexually alive, vibrant and confident in just 6 months

  • Free intake call
  • Personal Sexual Vitality Plan 
  • 5x private sessions of 2h
  • 1x online coaching session of 1h
  • Tailored & hands-on homework

Radical Transformation  

Who are you? Ready to BE the best version of yourself? In total empowerment in life, career, relationships and manifestation?  

  • Free intake call
  • Personal Radical Transformation Plan 
  • 5x private coaching sessions of 2h
  • 1x online coaching session of 1h
  • Tailored & hands-on homework


In holding space for >2000 people in their transformation, and almost 20 years of teaching experience, Kabira has developed a healing modality: Integrated Tantric Alignment.
The groundwork for this method can be found in Behavioural & Cognitive Psychology, Trauma Release Practices, Matrix Energetics, sensual bodywork and Tantric Healing.

Its objective is integrating all suppressed, hidden and rejected experiences of yourself. Bringing them back into alignment as one, living organism with a full range of sensations and expressed potential.

Your research question can vary.
From facing challenges in your sensuality or energy management to simply feeling stuck at work or in your head.
Yet, you will probably feel that there is more to life than just this…
And are ready to actually make a profound, lasting impact on how you experience yourself, your emotions, your thoughts and who you.

In the method we work on multiple layers: limiting beliefs & hidden, unspoken cognitive frameworks, stagnated emotions, disturbed, long term, bodily aches, energetical irregulations and subtle blockages in consciousness.

The method is based on the understanding that we don’t need to add anything to your system. That a safe container will welcome a natural unfolding of your system. That you have the innate capacity for rebalancing yourself into a natural state of health, peace, authenticity and balance. And that by calling in your life force energy, we allow your body to unwrap, unfold and melt itself.
In the session you will experience truth. Your truth. And together we will unlock the potential underneath.


– Every session is unique, tailored and personalized to you
– Sessions are fully clothed
РWe work with life force and sexual energy, yet there is no genital touch or sexual stimulation of any kind
– Both online (ZOOM) and offline sessions are available. Online is often 1 to 1.5h
– One single session can make a big difference, trajectories are also available if relevant


Ik gun iedereen een Karlijn. Er zijn weinig therapeuten die het vak zo verstaan als zij, iets dat ik zelf als therapeut extra belangrijk vind is de veiligheid, de aanwezigheid en ook de humor waar alle ruimte voor is.. De begeleiding van Karlijn is precies wat ik nodig had om oude pijn, blokkades en de beperkte stroom weer te transformeren. – Nicky Keijzer, dieptepsycholoog

Karlijn is a magical being, an alchemist and a bad-ass coach. Clear and direct. She works on multiple layers, can offer an immense amount of tools. She sees and welcomes me fully (beyond my stories). She empowers transformation, emotional processing, deep healing and grounding.
I learned to be more myself, sink into my body, feel my truth, take space and follow my pleasure. – Maty Akal, Massage Therapist

Incredible. I am utter amazed and grateful.
With her incredible super sensitivity, authenticity, love and true intentions to help, she manages to reach deep inside me expelling unhelpful painbodies and traumas dwelling there – Mike, traveler


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