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CORE Training

October 18 - October 22

Evolve. Grow. Transform.

Fed up with playing small?

Want to know who you are? And what you actually want?

Excited to wash off layers of stuck emotions, limiting beliefs and stories?

Are you… ready to go back to your CORE?

In this 5 day journey you will travel through the depths of your being, unleashing your full potential. 


The CORE Training is a journey in which we will peel off layers, coming to the core of who you are.
During the training you will gain deeper awareness around limiting beliefs and judgements.
Understand your patterns of seeking for love, approval and attention from the outside.
You will have an embodied experience of love, trust and freedom.
This training is an invitation to live your full potential.

Every training experience is unique. Most graduates report experiencing:
⤷ More openness to life, sensations and experiences
⤷ Being more in touch with your emotions
⤷ More softness, flexibility and clarity in your body
⤷ More flow and ease
⤷ More creativity
⤷ More confidence
⤷ More clarity about what you want
⤷ Deeper understanding about your protection mechanisms and negative self-beliefs
⤷ Hands-on tools for coming back to your CORE
⤷ Entry to a support structure, to live more empowered in daily life

Practices are based on Psychology, Deep Democracy, ritual, movement, honesty practices, Tantra, Osho, Dialogical Leadership Coaching and NLP.

Day 01: Laying the Foundation
– Agreements of the Field
– Active Meditation
– Personal Coaching

Day 02: Digging Deeper
– Emotional Release Tools
– Parents Meditation
– Inner Child Meditation

Day 03: Facing it Fully
– Active Meditation
– What do you Want Meditation
– Belief & Judgement Ritual

Day 04: Are we There Yet?
– Circle of Fear
– Power Initiation

Day 05: The Beginning
– Way Forward
– Closing


The training has almost 200 graduates and has taken place across 5 countries. The practices are non-dogmatic, experience based, penetratingly powerful, yet profoundly clear.

A note from the facilitator Karlijn Kouwenhoven
“I have not experienced anything else that pierces through as rapidly and thoroughly as these practices. This journey liberated me from being an office fearful workaholic, and invited me to be a full time trainer and enjoyer of life.

This training laid the foundation for all my Tantric experiences. As if I, after years of meditational practices, stagnation and professional support, could finally hear, sense, taste and feel life in its totality again. I understood something profoundly about who I am in my deepest core. This is what I wish upon my dearest friends and family.”


➤ Training days are from early morning to late in the evening, and include homework practices.

➤ We encourage you to make yourself available for the duration of the journey, without phone or other disturbances. Schedule some time and space (at least a day) after the training for integration.

➤ This is not a dogmatic training in which you will hear how you should live your life.

➤  You might be confronted with resistance, confusion and hesitations. This training has the potential to drastically transform your life.


The training is facilitated by Karlijn Kouwenhoven. For details check www.withkabira.com/about.

Mentors have experienced the training themselves, advanced their own practices and will support you in your journey. This training is mentored by Boaz and assisted by Brigid.

Graduated in 2017. Grew up in a spiritual community, gained experience as a business professional in sales, training and coaching. He calls himself a spaceholder, coach, father of 3 girls, with qualities such as loving, strong, sincere, hippie and fun.

“Participating in the CORE retreat was a huge breakthrough in unravelling myself.”

Graduated spring 2023. Miracle worker Brigid has been organsing the KABIRA Shaktipat ceremonies with tremendous professionalism and grace. Organizing, facilitating and holdig space is in her blood and she loves to invite magic, ease and connection into everyday live.

“Be carefull what you wish for during your CORE retreat, it could be mindblowing.”


Finca Vrij
Kapelleweg 29

Arrival: Wednesday afternoon, 16h – 17h
Closing: Sunday around 17h, dinner not included.
Exact closing time depends on the group process.


CORE is an all inclusive training with personal attention. To enter you require two tickets: one for the training, one for accommodation and food (mandatory).

We would like to give people with different incomes a fair opportunity to join the training.

Your entry includes:
⤷ Accommodation for 4 nights
⤷ Soul nourishing, healthy and mostly organic meals
⤷ Snacks and tea
⤷ Daily facilitated practices and exercises
⤷ Homework assignments
⤷ CORE workbook
⤷ Access to the CORE graduate community
⤷ Access to CORE graduate come-back events
⤷ (Online) follow-up with the lead facilitator
⤷ (Online) coaching option with your mentor
⤷ Access to the HEARTCORE Retreat


To guarantee personal guidance, the number of places is limited to 15 participants.

To confirm registration, get your training ticket and accommodation ticket. Upon registration, a 15-minute admission interview will be scheduled.

– Early Bird Ticket: €660,- (until 14 – 07)
– Regular Ticket: €770, – (until 30 – 08)
– Late Bird Ticket: €880,-
– Scholarship tickets available for people with low income, or students. In exchange you will support with additional tasks during the retreat (set-up, pack-down and 1.5h of daily support)


For 5 days and 4 nights of lodging. Including shared room & organic meals & drinks provided by our private chef.

€660,- ppn

Upon request, payment plans with instalments of max 6 months available.


For inquiry, applications and details, please contact Brigid (Kintsugi) Kalkhoven: 0031-641782397, karlijnkabira@gmail.com

“I feel a deep connection with myself. It’s meeting with peacefulness, silence, and at the same time excitement and enthusiasm from every little experience of my life.”
— Ananda Amit Goldenberg, facilitator ISTA

“I was stuck in my life and oh so ready to move on. I needed a big nudge and this retreat gave me exactly that, and so much more.
I feel now that I am me, I am strong and that I am ready for this world!”
— Theleya Britta Hall, Marketeer & Yoga teacher

“This retreat has changed my life!
To me it’s the most transforming of all the retreats, workshops etc I’ve ever done. It opens, grounds, gives expansion, insights, integration, deep memory. It is a big fat Initation in living who we are truly meant to be; free, playful, open and beyond all limitations of the mind! Karlijn is the best facilitator you can wish for. I don’t think there’s anyone in which retreats I have more faith in than hers.”
— Tamara Indira Spaan



October 18
October 22
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Finca Vrij
Kapelleweg 29
Scharendijke, Netherlands