Shaktipat Ceremony & Concert with Sofie Porro

Space to Be Oude Haagseweg 58, Amsterdam

▽ SHAKTIPAT ▽ Kundalini Full Moon Ceremony We welcome you into a mystical journey of Kundalini, expansion and Tantra. A sacred, ancient ceremony called Shaktipat. Are you ready to receive what your soul is yearning for? Curious to experience what ancient, Tantric ceremonies can do for you? Feeling a pull, that there might be something

Monthly Community Call

Monthly Online Tribe Meeting 20 - 21:30h CET Next date: December 11th  What do the people around you mirror back to you? What's in their DNA, their belief system, their habits? Who are you if you would be the average of the people closest to you? How does your current tribe support your expansion? On


Tantra Festival Tulum, Mexico

tulum, mexico Paledora Eco-Resort, Tulum

Awaken as Love Tantra Festival in Tulum 17th - 21st Feb 2023 Welcome to the Awaken as Love Tantra Festival in the Tulum Mexico – Our 2023 Festival dates are set! If you are ready to jump already we offering special super-earlybird discounted tickets now – this will be the best price you can get

CORE Retreat – A Free your Mind Journey

New Eden Sparjeburd 2, Hemerik

▽ CORE RETREAT ▽ A Free your Mind Journey Fed up with playing small? Tired of unclarity, about who you are, and what you actually want? Excited to wash off layers of stuck emotions, limiting beliefs and stories? Are you... ready to go back to your core? In this 4,5 day journey you will travel