CORE Journey | Trainingweek

Release. Transform. Evolve. Got a feeling there's something missing in your life? You don't seem to get to what really fulfilles you - or know what you want?  Fed up with playing small, and making choices that don't seem to be fully yours? Up for more freedom, clarity, ease and joy in your life?   Ready,


The Farm Overdiemerweg 13, Over-Diemen, Netherlands

The CORE Graduate Gathering Do you remember what you want? Excited about doing the tools again full on? Or meeting like minded people? If you have attended the Free your Mind, Out of your Mind, or CORE training with KABIRA anytime in the last 10 years, you are invited to this long-awaited Graduate Tribe Day.

CORE Training

Finca Vrij Kapelleweg 29, Scharendijke, Netherlands

Release. Transform. Evolve Fed up with playing small? Want to know who you are? And what you actually want? Excited to wash off layers of stuck emotions, limiting beliefs and stories? Are you… ready to go back to your CORE? In this 5 day journey you will travel through the depths of your being, unleashing