So you want your employees to be healthy?
Full of energy? Balanced?
Performing sustainably? Vital? Fit?

Aligned with their personal values, as well as to your companies objectives?

As a social & organisation Psychologist Karlijn has studied well-being of the individual in groups in depth.
With over 10 years of experience in highly driven corporate environment in Change Management and Leadership Development, Karlijn knows how to make the connection between achieving results and doing so with awareness and presence.

She is able to effortlessly connect both the conscious spiritual world with a down-to-earth business mindset, speaking both languages fluently.

She has successfully contributed as:

  • Co-facilitator of YPO CEO weekend retreat in Prague
  • Team support at Jump! – a 3-day Leadership Development event for top 100 of Telecommunication company
  • Facilitator of New Hire Mindfulness introduction at big 4 Consulting firm
  • Co-creator of incremental and radical innovation track, including 8 top management sessions at a Dutch Public Institute

She guarantees an expanding experience of meditation in action. Of performing presence and clarity.

Events, workshops and more information on request.