Life & Death Series

A series of 3 evenings to unravel the mystery of life and death. 

I have died, therefore I live.


Have you ever been curious for death?

Or imagined what it would be like if it were you in that coffin?  

What your beloveds would say about you? 

Have you ever wondered, maybe just for a split second, when and how you would die? 

Have you felt or escaped the calling of death for you or your loved ones? 


▽ LIFE ▽

Have you lived? 

Have you taken risks? 

Have you cried out of gratitude? And celebrated life in your authentic and true way? 

Have you ever experienced yourself in a full ecstatic YES to life? 

And how would you life look differently if you were to live like that EVERY DAY? 

Without compromising, without denying and with the full potential of also safety and stability 

Life changes, the only thing constant is you 

To fully embrace life, right here, right now, we have to die. 
We have to choose life. 
We have to commit. 

Again and again 


This series will guide you into embracing all of that.

Not through conceptualizing, through imagining, yet also by experiencing profound techniques from shamanism, psychology and Tantra that will make you fully alive while facing your biggest fears. 

A deep and unique series on being whole. 

3 afternoons


  • Le Petit Mort
  • Leaving the body
  • The comeback


  • Grief ritual 
  • Funeral rite
  • Shadow  


  • Gratitude ritual 
  • Orgasmic breathing 
  • The longing for death 


Fall / Winter 2020