The word Kabira find its roots in Arabic, meaning ‘The Vast One’ or ‘Big’.

This is the essence of all the work offered through Kabira:
To empower you to step into your greatness. Your vastness.
Connecting back to your wise, peaceful essence. 

Karlijn Kabira is a curious facilitator with a passion for self-transformation and behavioural embodied change.

She holds a MSc in Psychology, is a certified Tantra and Hatha Yoga Teacher.
She started off her career in Corporate Leadership Development & Change Management, at the world’s largest consulting firm. Until her bare feet took her on yet another trip around the world. Facilitating transformational retreats across 3 continents, as a lead facilitator at Magic of Love Global. 

As the founder of Kabira, she currently facilitates self development retreats and events and coaches couples and individuals

She is passionate about bringing things into alignment. Into truth. Brining the unspoken to the light. Welcoming herself and others to live their full embodied potential.

Her approach is integrative and total. She has a sharp eye for opportunities for expansion. Working the mind, body and soul in a joyful play of breath, movement, honesty, dance and meditation. 

Others describe her and her work as sensitive, down-to-earth, intuitive, joyful, powerful and opening



“Thank you for being such a divine facilitator, Karlijn, and for sharing your grace, patience, love, light and humor!!! I am incredibly grateful for your exquisite vibration and the sacred, safe healing space you created.”

– Chris (NY, US) after Odessa City Tantra Retreat

Education & Certificates

  • MSc Psychology – University of Leiden 
  • Tantra Yoga Teacher – Heart of Shiva Australia
  • Hatha Yoga Teacher – Yogpeeth India
  • Tantric Healing Facilitator – Heart of Shiva Australia 
  • Shaktipat Siddha Lineage Initiate – Ganeshpuri, India 2016 
  • Deep Democracy – L1
  • Dialogical Leadership – L1 
  • ISTA – L1 & L2 
  • Awaken as Love – L1
  • Access Bars Facilitator – Access Consciousness 
  • Trauma Release Therapy (expected 2022) 

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