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LIQUID | Principles of Pleasure | 1-Day Retreat

May 19 @ 10:00 - 17:00

LIQUID | Principles of Pleasure

Up for a one-day retreat, focused on self-development?

Would you like a deeply embodied experience of nourishment, touch, insights and opening?

Curious what happens if you let down your armour, and let your body’s inner alchemist whisper to you?

Liquid | Principles of Home
This the second one-day retreat of the Inner Alchemy series. Focusing on psychological, Tantric and bodywork practices related to topics such as sensuality, fluidity, movement, pleasure, flow and emotions. 

“You are an ocean in a drop of dew,
all the universes in a thin sack of blood.

“What are these pleasures then,
these joys, these worlds
that you keep reaching for,
hoping they will make you more alive?”
– Rumi 

This one day retreat is tailored to the group, the intentions and your individual needs. Proposed practices include:

– Release of solid structures and contracting beliefs
– Activation of liquid and juice in the body
– Desires, techniques for expression and releasing shame
– Pleasure practices
– Undulation practises for smooth flow of energy
– Melting into larger systems and constellations

Every experience is unique, yet, you will likely:
– Expand your capacity to feel pleasure in your body
– Tap into your orgasmic potential
– Feel more freedom
– Release stagnated emotions
– Easily connect to exploration, curiosity and play
– Feel softer and more adaptably to change
– Feel deeply nourished

This is a series of one-day retreats with alchemy serving as a framework for understanding personal development and change, emphasizing the journey of inner transformation, self-discovery, and the pursuit of higher states of consciousness and fulfilment.

Practises involve Tantra, bodywork, breathwork, psychological practices, inquiry, deep dialogue, energetical practices and touch.

Alchemy was a philosophical and proto-scientific tradition that aimed to transform base metals into noble metals like gold, discover a universal panacea (a cure-all), and create the elixir of life (a potion granting immortality). It had roots in ancient civilizations such as Egypt, Greece, China, and India.

Alchemy encompassed a wide range of practices, including metallurgy, medicine, chemistry, mysticism, and spiritual beliefs. Practitioners of alchemy, known as alchemists, used a combination of experimentation, observation, and symbolism in their pursuit of these goals.

I: SOLID | Principles of Home | April 28th
II: LIQUID | Principles of Pleasure | May 19th 
III: VAPOR | Principles of Love
IV: DILUTION | Principles of Union
V: ALCHEMY | Principles of Fulfilment

“WOW. What a ritual. Very different. I’m all shivering and my body was moving completely, especially in my throat and eyes. What an experience. I couldn’t think of anything else after that but laughing, jumping and moving :D” – Danah

“I am feeling a lot of subtle sensations in my body today and can connect easily to the silence within me. Or how do I call this pace, where everything is silence and love and shining… <3” – M

09:45h Doors open
10:00h Start
13 – 14h Lunch break
17-17:30h Closing

De Ruimte
Centrum Voor Bewustzijnsontwikkeling
Weesperzijde 79a
1091 EJ Amsterdam

Free parking on Sunday, easily accessible via public transport.

– Wear something that makes you feel comfortable and that you can sit in. Your body temperature might change, layers of clothing work well.

– Optional: bring something for the altar that represents home to you. You can take this home with you afterwards.

– Practises are solo, couple, group based. You can work with a dedicated partner if you’d like to.

Max 25 spots, get your tickets via Hipsy or Chipta.
Questions or want to get more of a feel first? Schedule a Discovery Call with me, or send any questions to info@withkabira.com


May 19
10:00 - 17:00


De Ruimte – Centrum voor bewustzijnsontwikkeling
Weesperzijde 79a
Amsterdam, 1091 EJ Netherlands
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