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Tantric Ritual Series

6th January 2022 @ 20:00 - 23:00


A Deep Dive Series into the Art of Ritual

Your life is art
Your actions your poem
Your breath your gift
Your touch your magic

In this evening we dive into the art of ritual.
Gestures with meaning.
Acts of intent.

You will experience and be part of ancient traditions and ritual. Build upon ages of traditions. Yet, spice it up with your own authentic presence.

The Tantric tradition has deeply understood and passed on ritual.
From love making rituals to devotional practices of breathing.

In this series we will explore and experience the essentials and basic techniques that support you to transform your ordinary daily life into one of great reverence and wonder.


▽ Eyes of the Soul (11 Nov)
Transfiguration circle. Entering a psychedelic state of flow through eye contact

▽ Shaktipat Kundalini Ritual (18 Nov)
Full Moon Ritual, honouring our life force through an ancient, meditative, Indian Puja ritual.
LOCATION: Uelenspieghel, Uffelte, Drenthe

▽ Worship the Flesh (25 Nov)
A devotion to (y)our body. The container of the soul. Be ready to worship and be worshipped

▽ Meet the Guru (2 Dec)
We all own a deep inner wisdom and understanding of life. Tonight we will welcome the inner guru

▽ Touched by Her (9 Dec)
Thrilled by the caress of life. Shakti provides love, intuition and presence. Waking up to the touch of life.

▽ Shiva in Essence (16 Dec)
Meditation. Space. This evening we will come to worship Shiva. Silence, power and penetrating presence.

▽ Shiva Shakti Celebration (23 Dec)
Meeting in Shiva Shakti Ritual. Breath, movement, intention and circulation.

▽ Manifestation Magick (6 Jan)
We bring our energy into full manifestation of what is ready to be birthed. Please bring an item from nature.

▽ Kundalini Touch massage (13 Jan)
With the simple brush of one finger, we can seduce our life force to expand. Calling in the prayer of intention, precision and aliveness.

▽ Self Love Ritual (20 Jan)
Being present with ourselves as the best company in the world. We will explore the deepening of intimacy into solo practise. Bring massage oil & sarong.

▽ Weaving the Web (27 Jan)
We explore an the core of Tantra: the art of weaving. Weaving energy within our own system, with another human body and in connection to the collective

The evenings are intimate gatherings on a private, cozy attic.

– Max. 18 participants
– Individual, couple and group practices
– Open to singles & couples (core practices are often done in couples)
– Bring your own meditation cushion
– Events are gender neutral and totally inclusive to all human bodies and preferences
– Practices can be done fully clothed, nudity is allowed
– Experience in meditation and awareness practice will support you

18:45h Arrival
19:00h Start
22:00h Round up (approx.)

Venue: Flowerdale Temple
Bos en Duinlaan 9
2061 VM Bloemendaal

Free parking
15mins walking from station Bloemendaal or 15mins bike ride from Haarlem.

Tickets available at a sliding scale, please be mindful of your financial situation.
Tickets available via Chipta & at the door (>regular price onwards)



6th January 2022
20:00 - 23:00
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