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Amsterdam Tantric Bliss Festival

13th July 2022 @ 09:00 - 17th July 2022 @ 18:00

This event is hosted & organized by Odessa & LeefTantra

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Are you ….
✨ open to discover new dimensions within yourself?
✨ willing to embrace all aspects of life?
✨ curious to actually see the other, daring to lower your shields?
✨ opening up for true connections and intimacy?
Do you feel a YES?

You are warmly invited to join us as the Odessa 💗 Amsterdam Tantric Bliss Festival 2022, together with 250 people of various genders, nationalities, believes and sexual preferences, sharing a similar openness to life. 💃

★ The festival
At the Odessa 💗Amsterdam Tantric Bliss Festival, we will gather for 5 days at a beautiful location in the city of Amsterdam. During these five summer days, we will offer a program that enables you to discover and enjoy tantra in all of its aspects.
A team of international teachers will facilitate workshops, ranging from sacred meditations and rituals to massages and tantric kink. They will invite you to discover your playful and cheerful self as well as to face deeper emotions and traumas in a safe environment, where all aspects of yourself are welcome.
There will be;
💛 yoga
💛 dynamic meditations
💛 biodanza
💛 tantric meditations
💛 de-armouring
💛 tantric pranayama’s
💛 shibari
💛 tantric temples
💛 workshops for couples
💛 tantric massages
💛 intuitive music
💛 ecstatic dance
There will be time to enjoy tasty vegan meals, to relax, to dance, to connect and to celebrate life.
★ Who should attend?
If the festival appeals to you, you are welcome, exactly as you are!
Tantra experience is not required; the festival is suitable for newbies as well as experienced tantrica. There is a wide variety of choice in each time slot, and the teachers know how to work with people who are just introduced to tantra as well as participants with years of experience.
Together we will create a space where you all can create your own experience.
★ Our view on tantra
The essence of Tantra is to fully embrace all aspects of life. Behind that simple sentence lies a world of ancient wisdom, passed through from generation to generation, from teacher to pupil. Tantra is about getting wisdom through experience. ✨
The classical tantra has its source in three different religions, distinct from these sources by one ideal: it should be open for everyone (not just for monks) and be possible to integrate in your daily life. This is still suitable to us, after many ages!
Typical tantric elements that help us to experience life in its full potential are: body awareness, meditation, awareness of the energy system (chakra’s), mantras and rituals. These elements can help us to deeper connect to ourselves, to others and to the whole. Tantra does not deny, judge or block anything in ourselves. Anger, sadness, love, sensuality, all is welcome. We are invited to observe it, to accept it, to enjoy it. 🍒
At the Odessa 💗Amsterdam Tantric Bliss Festival, there will be room for classical tantra as well as neo-tantra. Our core intention is to be loyal to the essence of tantra, while creating a safe environment for everyone. We use clear guidelines and agreements. All facilitators at the festival will agree to this and help to create the safe environment that is needed. We will ask the same agreement from all participants.
In this way, we wish to enable you to awake to the potential of tantra, and to give you the tools to explore more of what tantra can be for you, by finding suitable teachers, or, at your choice, to just enjoy what is being offered to you.
★ Program & teachers
We are excited with the team of international and dutch teachers that already have confirmed:
🌹 Anand Rudra, True Tantra, Mexico
🌹 Andy Buru, Rope artist, Sweden
🌹 Cristiano Martins, Biodanza, Portugal
🌹 Li Tadaa, Dance _ Conscious Kink, Sweden
🌹 Marta Ozenu, Osho meditations, Poland
🌹 Nina Beem, Burlesque for all, NL
🌹 Komala Amorim, Womens work, Open Voice, Brasil
🌹 Mark Dowe, Vinyasa Flow, Germany
🌹 Amosoma & Asim, de-armouring, Orgasmic wave, Denmark & NL
🌹 Ilona Bezema, NL
🌹 Janneke Aronson, Womb Wisdom, NL
🌹 Ménou Spauwen, Women Sacred Space, NL
🌹 Joris van der Geest, Leef!Tantra
🌹 Mark Oostermeijer & Anna Prat, Growing Loving Relations
👩🏼‍🍳Chefs: Amar Singh & Jolly Singh
We will introduce more of the teachers over the coming period.
The program will be wide and diverse. Each day will be divided in blocks (early morning, morning, afternoon and evening). In every block, there are five options to choose from, in five different rooms in the same building. During the festival, we will use clear signs that indicate what can be expected in each workshop or activity. Also, there will be a daily opening ceremony where all teachers present their workshops.
★ Location
The festival will take place at the urban paradise Odessa Muiderpoort, a beautiful location close to the centre of Amsterdam. The location has a variety of large and smaller workshop areas, a lounge are and a silent garden. The vegan food will be served twice a day in the main area. During the entire festival, the will be various spaces to relax and connect, including silent spaces.
★ Places to stay
As the festival is without accommodation, we like to help you with possible places to stay, depending on your budget:
🌱Ask the community: Odessa Amsterdam has a large and caring community willing to accommodate people. We will create a Facebook group where places can be offered and asked for.
🌱Camping: https://www.campingzeeburg.nl
If your budget allows, there are several options for hotels or apartments in the area that can be found via Airbnb or Booking.com
★ Tickets
All tickets are for five days and include lunch and dinner.
First 50 tickets: 325,-
Next 100 tickets: 355,-
Remaining tickets: 385,-

20euro discount?

Use the Unique Code: Kabira

★ Practical
Tickets via this link: https://www.chipta.com/…/odessa-amsterdam…/event-info/

★ Organisation
✨ Growing Loving Relations: Mark Oostermeijer & Anna Prat i Bascompte – growinglovingrelations@gmail.com

 Leef!Tantra: Joris van der Geest – info@leeftantra.nl

Contact Odessa: www.odessa.amsterdam


13th July 2022 @ 09:00
17th July 2022 @ 18:00


Odessa Muiderpoort
Ter Gouwstraat 3 + Google Map