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Shaktipat Ceremony & Kirtan with Matthieu

11th August 2022 @ 19:00 - 22:00

Kundalini Full Moon Ceremony

We welcome you into a mystical journey of Kundalini, expansion and Tantra.
A sacred, ancient ceremony called Shaktipat.

Are you ready to receive what your soul is yearning for?

Curious to experience what ancient, Tantric ceremonies can do for you?

Feeling a pull, that there might be something more than what you know now?

The ceremony includes:

▽ Live Concert / Kirtan with Matthieu

▽ Ancient Offering Ritual

▽ Tantric Kundalini Meditation

▽ Q&A on Shaktipat and Kundalini

Expect an intimate inner journey, with a strong energetical base. A potential heart-blowing experience. Receiving exactly what is right for you.

Matthieu (Gomchen) is an experienced musician who loves devotional music. He has been guiding kirtan singing circles for a good number of years. Also, he has a background in hatha yoga and vajrayana buddhism. He has sensitive and engaging approach to sharing songs and chants and will invite us all to open up and harmonise within ourselves and with each other, by singing together.


Shaktipat (Sanskrit meaning: descent of grace) is one of the highest Tantric ceremonies. Through ritual and austerities we invite the universal life energy into our being. Awakening our potential of effortless ease, flow and bliss.
Shaktipat is an individual, passive meditation. You will receive blessings of water from the Ganga river, sacred Indian ash, Kumkum and touch of the third eye. Indian Vedic chants will support you to go deeper in your meditation and invocation.
A Shaktipat can be a deeply transformational experience.


Kundalini, also referred to a life force energy, is the essential energy of the deepest potential of our soul.
Kundalini can awaken through thorough practice such as yoga or breathwork, by spontaneous activation, by birth or through receiving Shaktipat from an ancient Tantric lineage.
We consider Shaktipat a safe way of awakening, as the lineage will ensure a smooth transition of your self-realization journey.
An awakened Kundalini can bring about massive life transforming experiences and crucial spiritual awakenings.


The Shaktipat ritual is performed according to Siddha tradition. One of the oldest Tantric lineages, mentioned in the Bhagavad Gita. Its primary objective was the direct, effortless awakening of the Kundalini. Through ritual and prayer we invoke the guidance of Bhagavan Nityananda, a meditator residing in the mountains of Maharastra, India.

Kabira has received initiation in the lineage in 2016 from Bud Barber. He was carefully chosen by Nityananda’s direct disciple Muktananda to give Shaktipats around the globe.
Kabira received initiation to give Shaktipat too in Nityananda’s Ashram in 2018. Ever since, she has performed over 40 Shaktipats across the globe, from Amsterdam and Berlin to Thailand and Melbourne.


18:45h Doors open
19:00h Opening & Live Concert
20:30h Start Ceremony & Shaktipat
22:00h – 22:30h Closing & Grounding


Space to Be Studio
Oude Haagseweg 58

In nature, right next to the A10. Free parking available at the venue. Check their website for details.

Direct busses available and within biking distance from Amsterdam city centre.


– Wear something that makes you feel comfortable and you can sit in. Your body temperature might change, layers of clothing work well.
– Optional: bring an offering for the altar. E.g. flowers, sweets, crystals, pictures or anything you’d like to have blessed. You can take this home with you afterwards.
– Optional: bring some snacks and drinks to share if you’d like for a bite after. A light meal or a few hours of fasting before could support your experience.
– If you have a known history of psychosis or severe trauma, please contact us beforehand.


“Ik ging er eigenlijk zonder verwachtingen in en vond het heel bijzonder!
Er gebeurde van alles en de energie is lekker blijven stromen in mijn lijf vandaag.”- M

“Hugely powerful Shaktipat.
I had a massive crying moment.
Cleansing but revealing.” – M

“I had extra spring in my step today while working,
wow something been touched to allow the flow.
Thanks for great night and every ones contribution to connect.” – Peter

“I woke up with a headache, but was able to shift that easily by breathing into the area that caused it. And by putting my hands there.
The energy in my hands was increased enormously yesterday.
Then I had a huge insight, and was able to feel myself more deeply.
Now I feel much softer and more relaxed.”- AK


11th August 2022
19:00 - 22:00


Space to Be
Oude Haagseweg 58
Amsterdam, 1066BW Netherlands
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