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Free your Mind

13th November 2019 @ 21:00 - 17th November 2019 @ 23:30

~A transformational journey back to your essence ~
Are you experiencing the beauty of this moment? Or actually already planning the next moment or ruminating on the past?
Are you losing energy, but you just don’t know why or how to change?
Do you have everything in your life, but you are just not grasping the happiness and joy that you could be feeling right now?
Honestly….how happy and content are you with your life?
How much peace, joy, happiness, abundance, pleasure, stress or ecstasy we are experiencing in our life, depends on how much freedom and space we create in our body & mind.
Free your Mind is a 4.5-day retreat, to release limiting beliefs and judgement and to meet your powerful, joyful and authentically open self. You will experience your full potential, truly feel your power and know exactly what you want in your life and relationships.
Exercises are based on movement, dance, breath, honesty practices, Tantra, Social Psychology, Deep Democracy, Dialogical Leadership Coaching, Osho and NLP.
The techniques give us insight in our patterns of seeking for love, approval and attention from the outside. We bring ourselves into deeper awareness of our limiting beliefs and judgements – what is stopping me from being who I want to be? We allow ourselves to set ourselves free and experience a sense of love, trust and freedom!
Some of the exercises:
– Private Coaching
– ‘What do you want?’ Meditation
– Self Judgement and Belief Ritual
– Emotional Release Tools
– Kundalini Activation Meditation
– Dynamic Meditation (Osho)
– Inner Child Meditation
– Circle of Fears
– Personal Power Initiation


“Oooh my god, universe, me, my inner child and my higher self and you: The ‘Free your Mind’ workshop was undescribeable and amazingly opening.. puh, opened everything.. THAAAANK YOU SO ENDLESSLY VERY MUCH – Endless Gratefullnes and GREATfullness in abundance is dancing in me..!!”
~ Utsav Vio
“I feel a deep connection with my self. It’s meeting with Peacefulness, Silence, and in the same time Excitement and Enthusiastic from every little experience of my life.”
~ Amit Goldenberg
“This workshop was the key to a hidden door, giving me faith in people and in life. I could let go of my obsession for love.”
~ Noam Cohen Raz
“After the workshop I felt a transformation that helped me to get answers to questions I had about myself. I feel forever different.
I understood, I felt what it’s like to feel peaceful inside. I learned to love myself for the divine being that I am. I recommend this workshop to anyone who has questions about themselves.”
~ Cat Griffith

The purpose of this retreat is to acknowledge—by experience and not just from understanding—how amazing, beautiful and rich you actually are. We start recognizing that everything we ever wanted—love, happiness, joy, freedom, peace, enlightenment, truth—is inside us. All these elements are the source of who we really are.
When we do not pay attention to the nature of our thoughts we are not conscious. We perceive our life as limited, fearful and search for love and approval outside of ourselves. By observing our own thoughts we start recognizing limited beliefs and judgements which make us feel unworthy.
In this self realization retreat we will bring awareness to our limiting beliefs and judgments and experience ourselves beyond our thoughts and body.
If you ask me – the retreat is a must-do before any other Tantric/ spiritual work.
The climax of these days is the personal initiation. Here we connect to who we really are, beyond fears, limitations, stories, and beliefs. We receive practical tools to come back to accept and love ourselves unconditionally in daily life.
Free your Mind is an intensive and all inclusive retreat.
Start: Wednesday evening 20h
Closing: Sunday late evening, exact time depends on the group
Retreat days are from early morning till evening (08:00h – 23:00h) with comfortable breaks in between. We encourage you to make yourself available just for you and limit contact with the outside world as much as possible.
♡ FIRST 3 SIGNUPS: Early bird ticket: € 455,-
♡ Regular bird ticket: € 535,-
♡ Helper ticket*: € 395,-
*Support in cleaning, kitchen, maintenance, set up & pack down
Optional payment plan: downpayment of 100 eur + 100 eur at the start of the retreat, remaining in 3 payments.
Max 15 participants (due to private coaching)
Training & workshops 4,5 days
Vegetarian meals, snacks & unlimited tea
Sleeping accommodation 4 nights
We will sleep in shared spaces, this is why we can keep the price this low.
Please bring your own sleeping bag, mattress and other sleeping equipment.
Setting up your own campervan or tent is also an option.
Contact us if you have questions 🙂
Eindstraat 18
Haren (close to Oss in Brabant)
With beautiful view on the dutch green fields!
To provide you with the support and safety to open up, we work with a team of assistants that have experienced the retreats with Kabira already. They support you in your process by cooking, supporting or providing a safe and open container for you to experience your true self. Backgrounds range from Radical Honesty to Dance, Sacred Sensuality, Yoga and Breath & Bodywork.
Rens Boaz, Tamara Indira, Linda Bimla & Karlijn Kabira


13th November 2019 @ 21:00
17th November 2019 @ 23:30
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Biodanzasalon Haren
Eindstraat 18
Haren, Netherlands
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