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No Workshop

28th June 2020 @ 20:00 - 21:00

Hi you,
This is not a free online event
This is not a workshop
This is not a yoga class
This is not a mindset changer
This is not the event that will stop you from feeling bored, disconnected, confused, alone or frustrated
This is not the best memory of 2020
This is not your life line
This is not a Tantric, relational, sexy, juicy, awakening class
This is not a call with your tribe or beloveds
This is not just another online meeting
But simply a space to come together as you are.
If you want to share, share
If you want to rant, rant
If you want to express yourself, express
If you want to witness, witness
If you want to laugh, laugh
If you want to gibberish, gibberish
If you want to be still, be still
If you want to be seen, be seen
If you want to ask, ask
If you want to meditate, meditate
If you want to sing, sing
If you want to give advice, give advice
If you want to be absent, be absent
If you want to be, please be fully
I realized all I can, and actually want to, share these days is presence.
Being. Simple. Clear. Deep. Present.
That is how I want to show up, for myself, for the people connected to my events, for my beloveds, for you.
So, I will be there with, and for you.

In love.



One hour of space holding & presence. For and by all.

I will open with a short improvised framing and short common improvised closing (both 5-10 mins). Free space in between.



No costs



Everyone that feels called.
Maybe you feel the polarity of
ON ONE HAND: wanting to make this quarantine period the most useful, educational, fit, spiritual time of your life, being totally fit and easily adapting to radical changes. Immerging yourself in an overdose of free, online trainings and events
ON THE OTHER HAND: wanting to do nothing, to rest, relax and simply be.
To have connection and NOT to have connection
To be alone and NOT to be alone
To be active and NOT to be active
To be seen and NOT to see
If you notice any polarity inside of you,
if you recognize anything of all of this,
if you feel that you are being confronted with yourself being totally human… come and join.
If none of this is the case… also join  ; )

You are invited!

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28th June 2020
20:00 - 21:00
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