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Women of the New Moon – Monthly Women Gathering

19th July 2020 @ 20:00 - 23:00

▽  Womanhood – Sisterhood – Connection

Scary maybe?

Since the woman actually knows.
She deeply feels you.
She receptively drinks in your words.
Yet, Shall we choose to rise together?
With profound inner wisdom.
Of magic and ritual.
Of structure and care.
Of love and compassion.
Of truth, presence and power.
In connection to our true essence.



Together with Karlijn Kabira Yogaschool Noord introduces The New Moon events: monthly women gatherings with different meditations, based around a specific theme, anchored in trust.
You can experience some of the most impactful, nourishing, deep, orgasmic and connecting goddess practices.
From forgiveness rituals to conscious touch, womb healing, heart-opening meditations and more…



Every month we choose to come together around the new moon. As the new moon represents a new lunar eclipse, this is the perfect opportunity to go inwards, reclaim your centre and anchor a fresh start. We build community for deep healing and transformation.



Every human being balances the polarity of an inner masculine and feminine essence. Yet, in these events we choose to come together with the people that have female genitalia and/or identify as a woman.
No specific experience with meditation or spirituality is required.
An open or curious mind and heart are encouraged. ‘



Our feminine essence is actually liquid.
Moving like water, gentle, graceful, yet profoundly strong and impactful.
Knowing exactly where to go, moving effortlessly around obstacles, using them as accelerators. In times of change and uncertainty we remind ourselves of this quality.
In our human nature this is related to our emotional fluidity. How much do we allow our emotions to run free?
When we are connected to this essence, we can actually be harvesting the valuable insights emotions possess. Allowing us to change gracefully and effortlessly. Coping with anything on our path.



We start with a short guided meditation.
The programme is constantly tailored to group dynamics and presence. Foundational elements include:

▽  Guided opening meditation & intention setting
▽  Arriving into the body
▽  Practises & deep dive
▽  Conscious sharing
▽  Closing meditation

Practices can include breath work, movement, dance, Psychology, sound, touch and visualization.
Designed and blended to make you feel nourished and total when you leave.

Language: In English, unless all students are Dutch.

More details & ticket sale via Yogaschool Noord. Click here for event link 


Yogaschool Noord
NDSM Plotterstraat 24
Amsterdam, Netherlands