Shaktipat Ceremony & Concert with Sofie Porro

Space to Be Oude Haagseweg 58, Amsterdam

▽ SHAKTIPAT ▽ Kundalini Full Moon Ceremony We welcome you into a mystical journey of Kundalini, expansion and Tantra. A sacred, ancient ceremony called Shaktipat. Are you ready to receive

Monthly Community Call

Monthly Online Tribe Meeting 20 - 21:30h CET Next date: December 11th  What do the people around you mirror back to you? What's in their DNA, their belief system, their


Tantra Festival Tulum, Mexico

tulum, mexico Paledora Eco-Resort, Tulum

Awaken as Love Tantra Festival in Tulum 17th - 21st Feb 2023 Welcome to the Awaken as Love Tantra Festival in the Tulum Mexico – Our 2023 Festival dates are

CORE Retreat – A Free your Mind Journey

New Eden Sparjeburd 2, Hemerik

▽ CORE RETREAT ▽ A Free your Mind Journey Fed up with playing small? Tired of unclarity, about who you are, and what you actually want? Excited to wash off